Come with me as I explore Buenos Aires, Argentina. This journey will take me through the streets, into schools, universities, and various human rights organizations – all on the quest for finding out how Argentina’s past has impacted its present and future.

This is a personal blog. All views and information presented here are my own and do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program or the U.S. Department of State.


8 thoughts on “¡Bienvenidos!

  1. How exciting! You’ve accomplished so much in your first 10 days…..looking forward to following you on your journey.

  2. Wonderful! My husband and I just read through every one of your posts and enjoyed them all. I am so impressed by your insights and views of so much — you are certainly soaking in all that your topic provokes and your location provides. Thank you for so much valuable information.

  3. Reading and viewing reminds me of my elementary and middle school geography books. I feel like I’m somewhere else in time. Yet the appearance of Jeanne’s familiar face is a reminder that this is real life as it is experienced elsewhere in the 21st century. Thanks for letting us live a bit through your experiences.

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